Water Distiller Black - Stainless Steel

Destillationsapparat för tillverkning av destillerat vatten. Komplett rostfri vattendestillationsapparat svart med 4 liters uppsamlingskärl av glasoch strömkabell.
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Note: new model, differ slightly from the picture. Collecting vessel have new design and the stainless steel is now high gloss.

The complete water distilling apparatus black in Stainless Steal with 4 litre collecting vessel of polycarbonate, electric cable, cleaning agent and activated charcoal. Instructions for use enclosed.

230 Volts, 580 Watts with boiling vessel in stainless steel. Fully automatic, press the start button, and after 4 litres have been distilled the unit switches itself off. Packaged in a pre-formed polystyrene housing, and so well designed that the collecting vessel fits snugly in the boiling vessel - easy for travelling.